Holmes Through The Years
Many people have portrayed Holmes on screen, on stage, or in an audio format. But which performances have had a long term influence? One way of measuring might be to see which performers are most mentioned or best remembered. This informal survey has been made in preparation for a panel of the same name at the 221Bcon in Atlanta, April 1-3, 2016, but late answers are more than welcome!
Who do you think of off the top of your head when someone says "Sherlock Holmes played by _________."? Please list the first few names which occur to you in the order you thought of them. (Don't cheat by looking them up!)
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Who was your "first" Sherlock Holmes? (The first one you remember seeing or hearing, that is.)
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If you were going to recommend a Holmes performance to someone who said "I only have time for one", which one would it be?
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Do you have a favorite Holmes? If so, who?
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Have you ever seen Holmes on stage? If yes, do you remember who played the part?
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So, now that we're far enough down not to skew the above answers, here are the many many names (in random order) which we've pulled from the IMDb (which is bollixed at the moment) and other sources. Skim the list for familiar names. "Have seen/heard" should be used for a full performance. For people you know via clips and mentions, use "want" even if it would require a Tardis to actually see the performance. Once you finish the survey, you'll get a link to results, as well as a link which will enable to come back to change your answers if you wish. Any names you leave blank will count as "who?" for statistical purposes.
Have seen/heard
Want to see/hear more of
Know about but don't care
Barrie Ingram
Igor Petrenko
Patrick Macnee
Taichirô Hirokawa
Arthur Wontner
Louis Hector
Alan Wheatley
John Barrymore
Helen Davies
Jeremy Brett
Matt Frewer
Sir John Gielgud
Kenneth Macmillan
Nikolay Volkov
James D'Arcy
Michael Pennington
Tom Baker
Paxton Whitehead
Anthony D.P. Mann
William Gillette
Charlton Heston
Eugen Burg
Jonathan Pryce
Alwin Neuß
Basil Rathbone
George C. Scott
Katherine Hengqing Pan
Hugo Flink
Tom Conway
Vasiliy Livanov
Wolf Ackva
Bruce Lam
Nicol Williamson
Michael Caine
Gene Wilder
Ben Syder
H.A. Saintsbury
Nicholas Rowe
Christopher Plummer
Jason Gray-Stanford
Eille Norwood
Peter Cushing
Paul Guers
Ross K. Foad
Willy Kaiser-Heyl
Jacques Francois
Ian Richardson
Ian Richardson
Otto Lagoni
Meredith Henderson
Shannen Michealsen
Richard Roxburgh
Benedict Cumberbatch
Raymond Gérôme
Ronald Howard
Edward Petherbridge
Peter O'Toole
Peter Robbins
John Neville
Edward Woodward
Robert Downey Jr.
Nando Gazzolo
Brent Spiner
Joshua Reinstein
Uwe Achilles
Rupert Everett
Larry Moss
John Cleese
Christopher Lee
Fritz Weaver
Roger Moore
Clive Brook
Anthony Higgins
Frank Langella
Jasper Mitchell
Robert Stephens
Ian McKellen
Viggo Larsen
Guy Henry
Georges Tréville
Clive Merrison
Hans Albers
Reginald Owen
Douglas Wilmer
Juan Manuel Montesinos
Carleton Hobbs
Andrew Gower
Jonny Lee Miller
Peter Egan
J. Todd Adams
Raymond Massey
Orson Welles
Hugh Laurie
Steve Hendrickson
James Roday
Geoffrey Whitehead
Who did we miss? (Cite a source, please!) The names you provide here will be added to the above list.
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Would you like to see a similar survey for Watson?
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