A Day in the Life of a Quarantined Nonprofit Communicator
We know - especially now - every day is different, but we want to know what you do on a typical day at home. No matter what that looks like!

Please send Kristina a picture of you at home and a short bio:
Before 8:00 a.m. *
Do you immediately grab your phone when you wake up? Are you taking the dog out? Breakfast with the family? Do you get dressed right away?
8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m *
Are you on the computer now or getting the kids set up with their school work? Dressed yet? Zoom meetings with colleagues?
10:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m. *
Are you still on schedule for the day? What systems are you using to stay organized? Is someone else in your house also working from home? How are you getting along? Dressed yet?
What time is it even? *
Are you hungry or just bored? Why is 6th grade math so different now? Did your significant other really just say "let's circle back" on that call? Are you dressed yet?
Nap Time *
What else is there to do? If you got dressed, do you get undressed for your nap?
Now, it's really time to work *
Did you finish everything you needed to do?
Wine O'Clock *
White or red? Or do you wind down the day another way? Guess you don't have to get dressed...
Your Name *
Your Email Address *
Preferred pronouns
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