Gardening through Art ~ Course Application
Hello! Welcome to Joyful Plant's Gardening through Art creative courses. We are interested in hearing from you about potentially joining our learning and teaching platform. We accept applications on the 1st of each month. Please take the time to communicate me in your responses below so I have an idea of where we are on this journey. I am excited to meet in the classroom community. Please call / message me at work, three-six-zero 525-3849, with any questions. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Activist  |  Artist  |  Montessori Educator
a curation of #gardeningthroughart galleries, 
courses, and communities for everyone's 
aligned action in climate activism. 

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IMPORTANT: Before submitting application, please schedule a 15-minute Strategy Session (2-way Q&A with Elise) to establish your creative goals and achievements with Gardening through Art. (Please call/text 360-525-3849 if alternate timing is needed.)

Then submit the date and time below ~ and I will see you in the Strategy Session! ◡̈  

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