Haitian lives count. Count Haitian votes. Annul Haiti’s stolen election. Stop repressing those demanding electoral transparency.

We the undersigned endorse the call from Haitians for international solidarity with the people of Haiti and call on the US government to:

• Rescind US support for this “electoral coup.”
• Support the people’s demand for invalidation of the August 9th and October 25th election and for new and transparent elections.
• Stop the US-financed terror campaign against Haiti’s poor majority who are fighting for democracy.

Despite polling data and human rights organizations, media and eyewitness reports of massive fraud in the October 25th Haitian Presidential and Legislative election [1], the OAS and US State Department has now refused Haitians’ demands to invalidate the election – the US poured at least $30 million of tax payers’ money into this fraudulent election. The current US-backed President Michel Martelly handpicked Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). On November 24th this same CEP declared that a functionary of Martelly’s party, Jovenel Moise, along with Jude Celestin, were the top vote getters. The CEP has scheduled a run-off election between these two for December 27th.

Since their revolution in 1804 where those enslaved rose up and defeated their colonial masters establishing the first Black republic and made the way for the ending of slavery in the Americas, Haiti has been punished for their boldness. They have remained determined to complete their revolution and to establish their self-determination. Haitians have taken to the streets in the tens of thousands to denounce the October 25th election as a fraud and an assault on democracy. SEE VIDEO [2]. Additionally, Fanmi Lavalas, the party of the popular former-President of Haiti Jean Bertrand Aristide, has formally contested the vote and has brought a claim against Haiti’s Electoral Council before the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights.

Violence Against Protesters

With little or no coverage in the mainstream US media, there is now a terror campaign directed against those calling for democracy in Haiti. Supporters of opposition parties have been shot and killed, and police have attacked demonstrators with tear gas, batons, and live and rubber bullets. In one incident, caught on camera, a unit of the Haitian police called BRI attacked two young men in Rue des Remparts, Port-au-Prince. See the Fanmi Lavalas Facebook page [2] for several videos including a graphic and very upsetting video of this crime [3].

For more info: Haiti Action Committee: (510) 483-7481
Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike and the Global Women’s Strike: (323) 276-9833


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