WASC Parent Survey 2021
Dear Parents,
Welcome to the WASC survey, which we are asking you to take on-line. It will be electronically collated and the results will be incorporated into our WASC study. For those of you not familiar with the process of accreditation, our school is certified by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or WASC for short. WASC is an association that ensures that schools meet various standards in all aspects of running a school.

Some of you may remember our last WASC visit five years ago. It is time again for our WASC evaluation, and we are beginning our self-study process that will produce an important document which will be a comprehensive analysis of everything we do. Please plan to complete this survey in one sitting. It will take about 15 minutes.

All responses will remain confidential. Thank you for taking the time to answer this carefully and honestly. Your comments are important to us.


San Ysidro High School
What grade does your child attend? Check all that apply. *
Rate how well SYH does as a school to support your child's academic achievement? *
How do you stay involved in your child's education at SYH? Choose as many that apply. *
I regularly access Campus Portal for monitoring my son/daughter's grade and attendance *
Do you feel you are listened to and your concerns are addressed by SYH teachers when you bring them to their attention? *
Do you feel you are listened to and your concerns are addressed by SYH counselors when you bring them to their attention? *
Do you feel you are listened to and your concerns are addressed by SYH administration when you bring them to their attention? *
San Ysidro High School is a safe learning environment for students and staff. (A5.3) *
SYH facilities are adequate to meet the students’ learning needs, support the educational program, and are well-maintained. (A5.3) *
I am aware of how to be involved at SYH *
School leadership employs a wide range of strategies to encourage parental and community involvement. *
The school keeps me informed regarding the growth and progress of my student toward meeting the academic standards, the college- and career readiness standards, and the school wide learner outcomes. (D1.3) *
SYH provides my son/daughter with preparation for postsecondary education, opportunities for career exploration, and pre-technical training. (B2.1) *
What skills do you think are the most important for your child to leave high school being able to perform or do? *
The classes offered at SYH are rigorous and challenging and provide real world applications *
SYH  demonstrates caring, concern, and high expectations for all students *
SYH honors and respects individual differences amongst students *
I understand the discipline policies at SYH *
The discipline policies at San Ysidro High School are fair. *
The teachers and counselors help the students to develop a plan to reach their graduation goals. *
My student can receive extra help with classwork and homework when he/she needs it. *
All students have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities including sports and clubs. *
SYH offers a wide selection of elective courses. *
Students have fair access to honors and advanced classes. *
The teachers at SYH are well prepared and act professionally. *
Teachers provide sufficient and timely feedback on student achievement. *
I am able to effectively communicate with teachers, counselors, and administration. *
San Ysidro High School's mission statement reads as follows: San Ysidro High School will prepare all students to be college and career ready upon graduation. I feel SYH is actively pursuing the mission statement. *
SYH has identified four Schoolwide Learning Outcomes that are listed below. Our goal is to prepare all students to meet these outcomes by the time they graduate from SYH. Please evaluate to what extent the staff is supporting students in reaching the Schoolwide Learning Outcomes. *
No Opinion
Responsibility: Cougars are responsible learners who develop, monitor, and use effective learning strategies, develop self-improvement plans setting priorities and achievable by goals, set educational goals, set educational and career goals, and own their learning.
On Time: Cougars complete tasks on time, arrive on time and are prepared for classes and activities, and demonstrate time management
Attitude: Cougars adopt a growth mindset to embrace learning as well as new opportunities. They persist in the face of challenges and overcome obstacles by utilizing resources. They also demonstrate empathy.
Respect: Cougars respect diverse cultures, individual differences, different lifestyles, the environment, staff, community, visitors, school property, class time, learning, and themselves. They demonstrate digital etiquette and personal integrity
What areas do you feel SYH staff could improve upon to support your child's academic, social, emotional achievement at school? *
What do you like most about SYH? *
What improvements would you like to see at SYH? *
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