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During your performance run, you will need to cover the requirement for ushers (this is part of our premises licence). You must provide fit and able bodied persons over 18 years of age to act in the capacity of ushers for each performance. The ushers are there to assist the audience, and also to ensure a smooth evacuation if there should be an emergency.

The ushers will be required to remain in place for the duration of the performance as well as the interval, and cannot be used for any other activities such as raffle, programme or merchandise selling.

All ushers must be available for a briefing 45 minutes before the performance time.

If your ushers arrive late, the performance will be delayed until all your ushers are briefed and in place.

If your ushers do not come at all, the performance will be cancelled and no refund of hire costs will be made.

Number of ushers required for each venue:
Compass Theatre; 2 ushers
Compass Studio; 1 ushers
Winston Churchill Theatre; 3 ushers and 1 car park attendant/outside usher
Manor Farn Great Barn; 2 ushers (max 200 audience)
Open Air Theatre, Barra Hall Park; 4 ushers

If you have difficulties in providing ushers, it may be possible for us to supply a limited number from our pool. Please contact if you need to discuss this. A fee will apply per usher per show supplied by us.

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