Back to School Planning
We need your help. We need you to take the following survey to help us make plans for starting school in August. With The COVID-19 Pandemic still looming over us, it is vitally important to us to include parents in planning for the start of school so we will better be able to serve our students. Thank you for your help!
1) Are you new to our district or do you have returning students?
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2) What grade will your student be in for the 2020-21 school year? Please select multiple grades if you have multiple students
3) Please rank the top 5 items below, with 1 being the most important
Availability of disinfecting materials (hand sanitizer, wipes, etc.)
Availability of Personal Protective Equipment (face masks, gloves, etc.)
Being exposed to COVID-19/Bringing it home to other family members.
Public Health recommendations not being followed.
Unable to meet the 6-foot social distancing recommendations (at school).
Unable to meet the 6-foot social distancing recommendations (on bus).
My ability to support my student’s learning at home.
Internet or device access at home.
Transportation to/from school.
My student’s preferences.
Availability of child care.
My student’s academic growth.
My student’s participation in extracurricular activities (sports, FFA, 4-H)
I have no concerns about my student returning to school in August.
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What is the single most important action we can take to help make you feel safe about the return to school in August?
5) To be prepared in the event we have an extended school closure, would you prefer to have Virtual days built in on Fridays in which students will remain home and do all classes remotely? (Please mark only one.)
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6) Which of the following frameworks do you prefer for your child for this year. (Please mark only one.)
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