Filters of Hope Trip Application Spring 2021
The Filters of Hope Trip will be a group of 20 (staff, students + community members). We will be traveling from Sunday, May 23rd - Saturday, May 29th to the Dominican Republic Cost is around $1,475. More information to come!

Due to the select number of available spots on the trip, the process to apply and be accepted will take a few steps.

This application is the first step in the process of going on the Filters of Hope Trip. Once your application is completed and turned in, Bethany Hasenberg or Ryan Naidl will be in contact with you within two weeks. You will then be notified if you have been accepted or not onto this trip. If accepted, you will be sent further information to complete the next steps.

***This application must be submitted by February 15, 2021!!!
Name *
Email *
Phone Number *
Year in School *
Why do you want to go on the Filters of Hope Trip? *
Have you been on a mission trip before? (If yes, please explain location, length, and what you learned) *
What experience do you have crossing cultures? *
Have you shared the gospel with someone before? *
On a scale of 1-5 how comfortable do you feel having spiritual conversations with people? (1 being not comfortable, 5 being very comfortable) *
Raising support to cover the costs of the trip will be a part of the preparation process for you. Do you have experience raising financial support? *
If accepted and by completing this registration, I understand that if for some reason I am unable to raise 100% of my finances, I will be required to cover the remaining balance due by the departure date. *
Do you have a passport valid through 7 months after your trip's end date? [Choose one] *
I am willing to adhere to the Cru, Filters of Hope, and country policies and guidelines regarding COVID-19. This may include but is not limited to: getting a COVID-19 test before leaving AND returning to the U.S., mask wearing, social distancing. More details will come. *
Do you have any questions regarding COVID-19 policy and guidelines?
Do you have any other questions? *
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