Our Lady of Grace Tithing Request Form
Five Percent (5%) of our parish's ordinary collection will go to help those in need! We welcome any ideas or suggestions for possible requests. The tithing committee will consider each and every application that is received.


As a tithing parish, we elect to share a designated percentage of our regular Sunday collection to causes requested by our parishioners. Currently, the percentage is 5%.

Any member of Our Lady of Grace may submit a sharing request, by completing the tithing suggestion form.
We will adhere to the following guidelines:

1. We will share 5% of our regular Sunday collection
2. Sharing need not be according to religious affiliation
3. Our tithes will help the poor and less fortunate in the community, in sister parishes, and wherever sharing is most needed
4. The tithing committee will be made up of at least three parish members.
5. The tithing committee will report our parish tithes in the Sunday bulletin on a weekly basis. In addition, quarterly reports and an annual report of tithing recipients and amounts will be provided to the parish administration and published in the parish bulletin.


Thank you for your request!
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