We are doing a survey on kids' financial habits, so here are a few questions to answer. It will only take you a few minutes.
Thank you for your time.
Do you get any allowance (pocket money)? *
What do you spend that money on? *
Do you save any money? *
How often do you lend money? *
How often do you borrow money? *
Do your parents give you extra money for chores? *
Would you like to have the opportunity to have a part-time job and earn money? *
Do you and your parents discuss financial issues? *
Do your parents get angry when you spend too much money? *
What do you do if you want to buy something expensive you have the money for, but your parents don't allow you? *
Your answer
Do you make financial plans (plan what you will spend money on)? *
Do you keep a record of the money you spend? *
Do you think you know the value of money? *
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