Surrender Application
Please answer all of the following. Please also note that we reserve the right to turn down any applications. although we do not wish to do so and appreciate your interest in our rescue. Other then that, we are very excited you want to do business with us! We know giving up an animal is hard so we want to make this as easy for you and the animal as we can. Please let your adoption coordinator know if you have any questions regarding the adoption process. Thank you and we wish you the best of luck in the search for a home for your beloved pet!
What type of animal are you surrendering? Please include breed. *
What is the gender of your pet? Is your animal sterile? *
Has your pet ever lived with another animal? *
How old is your pet? *
Has your pet ever attacked another animal or a person? (Any bite history) *
Does your pet have a mental or physical disability? *
Where have you gotten pet from? (optional)
Is your pet current on vaccinations? *
Is your pet microchipped? *
Does your pet have a sleeping or eating disorder? *
Has your pet been retired from anything? *
Has your pet ever been pregnant or used for breeding? *
Would you drive more then 30 minutes to an adoption or foster meet- up? *
Do you have all the needed materials to properly care for your pet until adoption? *
Does your pet enjoy playing with toys or being physically active? *
Does your animal have any allergy restrictions? *
Is there anything else your adoption coordinator should be aware of before moving on with the adoption process? *
Please include your contact information and the name of your animal. If They have no name we will name them for you! *
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