2020 Presidential Primary Perspectives
IndivisibleNOCO is working with other Indivisible groups across the country to ensure that the 2020 presidential primaries are positive, principled, inclusive and address issues of concern to progressive grassroots organizations such as ours. As Indivisible National develops its vision, strategies, and programs for influencing the 2020 presidential campaign, it wants to make sure it is including the perspectives and experiences of local groups across the country. It has asked each Indivisible Group, including IndivisibleNOCO, to fill out a survey. Can you please help us respond to the survey by taking a few minutes to provide us with some input? We are responding to the survey on Friday, March 29 so send us your responses by March 28 so we can include your input!

Link to the survey that we are filling out: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16PBdUX_zU1fD96fSaU7dCfzpvCHQdiW8oKVzlpGyvT4/edit?usp=sharing

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