Re-Embodiment Training Application Form
Welcome to the Re-Embodiment Training application.

I am delighted to hear of your interest in the Re-Embodiment Training (RT) course.
There is profound wisdom in our bodies, and so much potential to change our lives as we discover how to listen to and move from that wisdom.

Once your application has been approved, I will check in with you about dates and other logistics to confirm your registration and I will send you the RT intake form. With your responses to the intake form, I will begin planning the course.

Time Commitment: 20 hours of in person and approximately 1-4 hours of homework outside of class. Homework may include readings, somatic skills practices, audio talks/videos, and themed explorations.

Course Dates: Custom one-on-one courses designed to fit your schedule. Classes generally meet 2 hours weekly, for 10 weeks, although we can be flexible to accommodate your needs.

Location: The Everything Space, 64 main street- 3rd floor, Montpelier, Vermont

Tuition & Financial Aid: The tuition for this class is $2500. Vermont residents may be eligible for a VSAC Non-degree Grant to cover the full tuition. Read below more more details.

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Which sessions are you able to schedule the 20 hours within? *
A session is a period of time in which your course can take place. In general, we aim for courses to meet for weekly for 10 weeks, 2 hours a week. We will plan around scheduled absences (yours or mine). There are a limited number of spots for each session, so please check which ones could work for you. You can add any comments/preferences in the next section.
Please add any comments about the above selections, including specific preferences.
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What are general time availabilities?
Not all these times are available on each day, but this information helps me get a sense of what could be possible.
The amount of homework for the course can be augmented to meet your needs. How many hours are you able to set aside for homework each week? *
Homework may include readings, somatic skills practices, audio talks/videos, and themed explorations.
Are you a VT resident intending to apply for a VSAC non-degree grant? *
VSAC eligibility requirements can be found here: If your answer is yes, I will send you the specific information needed to apply for this program.
If you are applying for the VSAC non-degree grant, is your participation in the course dependent on the results of your application? *
Money is one of the languages of our culture. We acknowledge that living in a capitalist economy shapes our access to the many services and resources that sustain our lives. We acknowledge the various forms of systemic oppression and their impact on bodies. We hold accessibility as a core value and strive to make our services and classes as accessible as possible in multiple ways. And, we still live inside the capitalist economy, and also need to feed into that system at times to pay for the resources that sustain our lives. The VSAC grant is one option we have enabled that attempts to hold a balance between the work that goes into offering you high level services and the access we believe in. Dependent on conditions, other scholarships may be available. Please inquire as needed.
Registration is complete once application is accepted, dates are set (to be decided together), intake form is complete and a $250 non-refundable deposit is mailed to Amanda Franz at 396 Lindemann Lane, Plainfield VT 05667.
The non-refundable deposit is included in the sum total cost of the course, so if you are receiving a VSAC grant for the full tuition, the $250 will be reimbursed to you.
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