ND United Legislative Planning Survey
The 2021 legislative session is fast approaching! We know this could be a tough session and we want to know what issues matter most to you and how North Dakota United can best advocate for the protection and advancement of our working conditions.

We value your right to privacy - your name and contact information will not be shared publicly or with your institution. However, should a member of NDU be in touch to follow up, a personal email address is preferred.
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HE Funding
Changes to SBHE (ie. size, terms, etc.)
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Please share here the issues important to you that were not represented above.
What percentage would you like to see for an across the board salary increase for NDUS employees in each year of the biennium? *
What amount would you like to see for a minimum salary increase per month? For reference, in the first year of the last biennium, the minimum salary raise was $120/month with a maximum of $200/month. *
North Dakota is the last state in the country where public employees pay $0 towards their healthcare premium. Should NDU continue to advocate for the protection of this benefit? *
Regarding the health insurance plan currently available to you and your family: *
Please share any coverage the current health insurance plan lacks that you would like to secure.
In your opinion, funding from the state to the North Dakota University System is: *
Do you support the use of the Legacy Fund to fund higher education? *
The recently defeated ND Measure 1 would have made adjustments to the State Board of Higher Education. What changes to the SBHE do you support? *
What other issues are important to you as an NDUS employee? *
What ways of taking action during the legislative session most interest you? *
Are you a member of ND United? *
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