Senior Ambassador Application '21
Hi friend! This application form is SUPER simple & informal. I'd just like to know some basic information about you!

I'll be taking 5-7 seniors from the graduating class of 2021, & my goal is to do 2 styled shoots (where I present a Pinterest board of vibes & ask y'all to pick outfits that correlate to the theme -- desert beauty, pool party, sedona hiking, etc) & one senior session (where YOU get to have full control over all the details) for each ambassador.

Each ambassador will receive a discount code, which they can give out to friends & family in the graduating class of 2021 for their senior portraits. There will be a reward system set up for each senior that books through your code. I'll send out all that information once the applications are in, likely in September! Rewards will range from coffee shop & target gift cards to AirPod pros ;)

I'm so excited to hopefully be working with you & I'll keep you updated on any details to come! (:
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