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Register today to join a group of passionate educators in the Emerging Leaders Program, a year-long professional development experience from City Forward Collective designed to provide you with a hands-on introduction to school leadership.

Emerging Leader Profile:
The Emerging Leaders Program is perfect for teachers, department chairs, and school support teachers, as well as deans and assistant principals in the first or second year of their role. The Emerging Leaders Program will grow your leadership capabilities so that you can have a greater impact on your school no matter what your position. Participants share a passion for serving Milwaukee’s children, a willingness to reflect, learn, and take on new challenges, and a curiosity about a future in school leadership – whether it be leading from the classroom as a master teacher, from the principal’s office, or somewhere in between.

Program Logistics:
The program is built around eight two-hour seminars* based on Paul Bambrick-Santoyo’s book, “Leverage Leadership v 2.0.” Topics include: introduction to leadership, staff culture, student culture, observation & feedback, professional development, and data-driven instruction. Throughout the year, participants will receive guidance from veteran educators as they create and execute a school-based change project in partnership with their school administrator.

*Seminars will be held September through May and will run from 5:00 pm -7:00 pm at the Link conference room in the Schlitz Park facility. Dinner and free parking will be provided. Your registration fee also includes all materials.

Session dates for 2019-2020 are:
Thursday, September 19
Thursday, October 3
Thursday, October 17
Thursday, November 7
Thursday, November 21
Thursday, December 5
Thursday, January 23
Thursday, February 20
Thursday, March 19 OR Thursday, April 16 (planning session)
Thursday, May 14 (final presentations)
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