Southpoint Event Request Form
An event will be scheduled only if approved by the staff. The staff will do their best to accommodate a request, but with limited time and resources, this may not be possible. The event should also align with the mission of Southpoint, and not provide competition for any existing event.

Fill out the form below. This will be brought to the attention of the staff who will determine if space and personnel will be available to accommodate the event. This will require a period of up to 3 weeks. No publicity should go out before you have event approval from the staff. Since publicity for any church-wide event should go on for 4 weeks, you must submit any request at least 7 weeks before the date if the event is to have adequate promotion.

Brett Kays
Lead Minister, Southpoint Community Christian Church

You will receive a copy of your submission by email after submitting.
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If YES, please give a name. If NO, you will be contacted to make arrangements.
For the office to be able to verify this event has approval, please provide the name of the Deacon/Staff over this ministry: *
The Operations Minister must also approve the event.
A few questions to cover the basics for use of auditoriums and related equipment:
(Our Creative Arts and/or Production Ministers will need to consult with you, once event is approved.)
Which auditorium(s) are you planning to use? *
Will you need music at this event? *
If so, what kind?
Will you need to use the sound system for anything else? *
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For these services, complete the indicated form or contact the person listed:
If your event will involve having any drivers (of vehicles), contact Terri Modlin ( or 734-675-7575) to inform and ensure current policies/procedures are followed.

To have support by the Security Ministry or Medical Ministry, ask Trent Shivley to connect you with the team leader ( or 734-675-7575).

To use the Brew Station at Trenton, ask Cindy Bobruk to connect you with the team leader ( or 734-675-7575)

Promotion and Registration - complete the "Publication Request" at

Promotional Table Usage - complete a "Table Usage Request" at

Media - either for promotion or for use during the event, including printed materials and graphics/slides/videos for on screen at any time, complete "Graphics Request" and "Video Request" forms at (be sure to share any pre-made flyers, logos, etc, you would like to use or distribute, for approval)

Room Reservations - complete a "Room Request" at

Photography - complete a "Photography Ministry Request" at

Financial Requests or Reimbursements - complete a "Financial Approval / Check Request" form at
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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