Foundation Training Course
Thank you for applying for at The Art of Nails. Please answer the questions below so that we can begin the recruitment process.
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In addition to training, recruits are expected to do additional practice at home and to come into our salons for additional supervised practice. You will need to bring a model with you. Are you prepared to practice on a model on your own time? *
In our industry, the busiest times are typically late nights Thursday & Friday, and weekends. Are you prepared to work late nights and weekends? *
Our busiest season is summer, typically from November - March. Are you prepared to work through the summer months and take leave during the quieter season? *
Please indicate if you would like us to schedule an interview with you. Our interviews are held at our Ponsonby Salon (1-3 Cowan st), from 10 am on scheduled weekdays. Please note our company dress code is black, smart/casual. You will be expected to dress appropriately and please bring a printed copy of your CV. *
Our website is Please familiarise yourself with our company and prepare 2-3 questions for us at your interview.
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