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Complete this form if you would like to participate in interpreting a Volo Press book using your special talents! This is a great opportunity to have fun, aid a small business, and promote what you do to the world! You will remain on a notification list for when new projects become available (1 - 3 times per year) so that you can create work based on the new pieces (should you choose to do so).

The examples given below are just to help get your creative juices flowing. Generally, if you choose to use your talents for a piece of fiction, you'll be creating something related to the decor, technology, or culture of the setting, or a reflection of one of the central characters. For poetry and lyrics, you will often be directly applying those talents to those words (i.e., singing song lyrics) or creating a piece that shows your interpretation of or response to that piece.

This is not a contest. All submitted work will be used unless there is some major, bizarre reason it can't be.

Your artwork and performances will be used throughout social media, the Volo-Press.com web site, and live events to help promote Volo Press products. Once you complete this form, you will be sent copies of the most recent books for you to browse and choose scenes, poems, or songs to use for your piece.

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