2020-2021 AP Course Agreement
CONGRATULATIONS on your student’s decision to enroll in an Advanced Placement course! AP classes offer the rigor of a college class while still enrolled in high school. The benefits are many: academic challenge, opportunity to study subjects in depth, the chance to earn college credit while still in high school, and become more competitive for college admissions. Taking an AP course and exam is a collaborative effort among parents, students, and the school. Each party plays a role and must make the commitment to meet the expectations noted below.

What students need to do to prepare for the 2020-21 AP school year:

1. The student must join the College Board’s AP Classroom during the first week of class. AP Teachers will give students a join code for each AP course. Students will create/access their College Board myAP account using their username and password and use the join code to enroll in their class section(s). Students who do not do this will not be registered for their AP exam(s). Create/Access your MyAP account here: https://myap.collegeboard.org/login Need help? Visit this link: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/joining-your-ap-class-section-students.pdf.
2. The student agrees to organize his/her time and effort to successfully complete the AP course in which he/she is enrolled, and seek help from a teacher as needed. AP courses are College-level courses and require a degree of independent study, and this fact is amplified when it comes to taking classes online via E-learning.
3. The student agrees to visit the College Board’s AP Central & AP Classroom to review the syllabus for each course of interest before signing and submitting the contract: http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/courses/descriptions/index.html
4. The student understands that he/she will not be allowed to drop an AP class after October 8, 2020. If an exception is made to allow a student to change classes, it will be determined by the Principal, Brenda Clements.

Registration for AP Exams is completed by joining the AP classroom in MyAP. Payment for each exam is completed through AUS’s Payment Portal available on our website. The cost of each exam is 55 KWD per student and is due by October 22, 2020.

March: Schools submit any changes to their exam order and order exams for students in spring courses.
May: Students take AP Exams according to the schedule set by AP/College Board.
SUMMER 2021 -July: AP Exam scores are released by the College Board.

1. The parent/guardian agrees to be familiar with and accept the AP course requirements and policies, and to help his/her child organize study time in support of class assignments.
2. The parent/guardian agrees to support their student in the completion of ALL assignments, readings, and projects provided in class. There can be no parent/guardian override of ANY AP assigned readings or projects.
3. The parent/guardian agrees to purchase required materials and to pay the exam fee of 55 KWD by October 22, 2020. A student will not be allowed to drop an AP class after October 8, 2020. If an exception is made to allow a student to change classes, it will be determined by the Principal, Brenda Clements.

1. The school (AP Teachers and the AP Coordinator) agrees to provide rigorous instruction and challenging course content as described in the AP Course Description. The school will provide the student with a copy of the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents and agrees to administer the AP Exam in a fair and secure environment as outlined in the AP Coordinator’s Manual.

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