Argentine Tango Questionnaire
The aim of this survey is to understand what people already know or think they know about Argentine Tango, and to help us market our classes and events more successfully. It is open to anyone, but we are particularly looking to hear from people who although they don't dance at the moment would be willing to consider it if the opportunity or the incentives were right. There are no right or wrong answers, this is all about your impressions and your perceptions of the dance.

At the end of the survey there is an opportunity for you to submit your email address so we can stay in touch. If you do this we will send you details of our classes and events, and ask you if you want to receive any further communications from us. You will not be spammed or added to any mailing lists without your consent.

All information is confidential and is being collected by TangoSynthesis. It will not be released to any third party without prior consent except as required by law. Please see our website for our privacy statement.
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