IWLA Grants Application Form

- Grant recipients must be members in good standing of the Iowa World Language Association.

- Grants from the IWLA will be determined by the availability of funds from year to year, based on the budget. Grants to individual teachers will not exceed $500.

- Grants are primarily for, but not limited to, innovative projects. Priority is given to requests which are unique in nature, and which clearly demonstrate an ability to reach great numbers of teachers and students.

- Requests to support applicants’ travel to target cultures will not be considered, nor should applicants submit requests to be paid for the time they spend on a project.

- Upon notification of acceptance, the applicant will be allotted one-half of the funds allocated. The remainder of the grant will be forwarded only when receipts for all expenses for the approved project have been submitted to the IWLA President-Elect, who will verify that the project is completed. The President-Elect will then notify the Treasurer to forward the remaining grant money to the recipient.

- If a project is funded, the recipient is also expected to share his or her work in one of two ways:
1. a brief article submitted to be posted on the IWLA website, or
2. a presentation at the annual IWLA conference.
This must be done within one year after the termination of the project.

- Applications will be coded to ensure anonymity of applicants for the benefit of the Grants Committee’s selections. Please avoid language on the application that would easily identify the person, school, or district involved.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2017. Recipients will be notified of grants by September 1st and will be recognized in a ceremonial presentation at the IWLA Conference luncheon.

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