Alignment Special Coaching
for Conscious Entrepreneurs - with David Sichert
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I thank you for your trust and for the time you are going to invest in this questionnaire. I created it so that you can already reflect about a few areas of life and that I receive important information regarding our collaboration. Please approach the questions with a relaxed feeling. There are no right and wrong or wanted and unwanted answers here. They serve me to get a feeling for you and your needs. I will of course treat your answers confidentially. It is important to me that our cooperation happens at the highest possible frequency in order to achieve the best possible results from our time together. With this in mind, I wish you a relaxed journey through your world of thoughts!
What need do you see for an Alignment Special Coaching?
How do you basically imagine the collaboration?
If "other", please briefly describe your idea.
In which learning areas would you like to make progress primarily through coaching?
In which areas of life would you like to create more abundance?
How high is the proportion of activities in your business that you really enjoy doing
Clear selection
With regard to your external impact: Are there differences between the feedback from your environment and how you really feel?
What would you change in your life immediately if you could?
What is your experience of goalsetting?
Auf welche Angewohnheiten kannst Du bisher nicht verzichten, obwohl Du weißt, dass sie Dir nicht gut tun?
Which insight has been the most formative for you in the past few months?
I take note of the following general conditions:
Would you like to share something else about yourself?
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