Lasting Immunity - Quiz
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Diseases are shortened by letting a safe fever run it's course. *
A fever up to __________ degrees doesn't require medication. Instead, rest and fluids are recommended. *
Antibiotics will clear up a cough faster. *
Stuffy noses are caused by inflamed _________________ in the sinuses. *
Stressors may be physical, ______________, or chemical.
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Ongoing stress and illness = ____________________. *
Select ALL of the correct answers. What destroys good bacteria? *
Eat 100% _____________________ when sick to avoid additional inflammation causing foods. *
_______________ encourages antimicrobial peptides and boosts the immune system. *
To get over illness faster: __________ for healing, get __________, get plenty of __________ and water, take __________, and avoid __________.
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The key to optimal heath is having an optimally functioning spine and nervous system. *
Subluxation is called the silent killer. *
99% of Doctor's & Chiropractors will treat you only based on your symptoms or insurance. *
If I feel good, I'm healthy. *
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