Sly Park Environmental Education Center (Sly Park) Distance Learning Survey
The purpose of this survey is to establish interest for our Distance Learning Program. We will also use the survey to make reservations for those interested in participating. To help build a rapport between the students and a Sly Park teacher, a Sly Park teacher will be assigned to your school. They will provide 5th-6th grade classrooms with a weekly NGSS Science lesson. The lessons will range from 45-50 minutes and support the current unit of study the classroom teacher is covering. The presentations can be an extension to the teacher’s Distance Learning lesson or a separate lesson. The goal is that the Sly Park teacher would be a guest teacher that would work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to support the instruction at the school site.
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Which grade(s), at your school site, would you like to have participate in Sly Park's Science Distance Learning instruction? Note: we do provide lessons for all grades listed however, 5th-6th are the lessons we primarily support through our day and residential programs and have Units developed. If we have enough interest in other grades, we will provide additional lessons. *
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