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Partnering Individuals Living with Disability and Illness with Boots-on-the-Ground Advocates.
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What is #MarchingWithMe?
#MarchingWithMe brings advocates in the chronic illness and disability communities to protest events through partnerships with boots-on-the-ground Marchers.

Marchers wear a small, printable photo banner of their Supporter at protest events. To foster community, partners share personal stories with each other and increase the visibility of their shared advocacy by posting photos and experiences of events on social media with the #MarchingWithMe hashtag.

Find us at www.sufferingthesilence.com/marching-with-me and on Twitter as @MarchingWithMe

Questions? Email us at March@SufferingTheSilence.com

Participation Requirements for Marchers

- Partner with an individual with chronic illness or disability who cannot physically advocate.
- Print out a letter-sized banner, either pin it to your clothing or add to a sign, and bring it with you to protest events.
- Correspond with your Supporter via email and social media, getting to know each other in an ongoing relationship of community and advocacy.
- Share photos of events with your Supporter via email and on social media with the #MarchingWithMe hashtag, helping to foster a relationship of advocacy with someone who cannot physically protest due to disability or illness.

* Please note: This is an ongoing campaign. We will do our best to pair you for a specific march, but are looking for volunteers to establish relationships of an ongoing manner.

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Who's Behind #MarchingWithMe?
The Suffering the Silence Community, Inc.

www.sufferingthesilence.com @ststogether @marchingwithme

Suffering the Silence. Suffering the Silence is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to leveraging the power of art, media, and storytelling to raise awareness around the life experience of people living with chronic illnesses. We work to build powerful relationships within that community, and to empower patients, friends, and family members to speak out and share their stories. This act of sharing helps those who are suffering to become self advocates and to find support and understanding. It will also help to transform the medical and social perception of those living with chronic disease.

Jacqueline Raposo - Co-Founder

www.wordsfoodart.com @wordsfoodart

Jacqueline is a writer and chronic illness advocate with over twenty years managing illness rooted in Lyme disease. Recognizing her disappointment in not being able to physically attend the Women's March on Washington, she joined with Suffering the Silence to help others make it to the front lines in visual representation.

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