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In 2020 We invite you to join us on this shared journey to go F.A.R.*!

F.A.R. - Flexible, Agile and Resilient, these three qualities are key for any SAI seeking to effectively adopt new innovations and find creative solutions for fulfilling their mandate and communicating their results to stakeholders and citizens. During this series we will explore how audit institutions can adopt innovative audit practices to stay relevant, fully embrace the principle of "leave no one behind" and deliver value and benefits to government officials and society. By operating as flexible, agile and resilient institutions, SAIs will be able to go F.A.R.

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Framing Webinar Date and Times:
Tuesday 24th November at 9.00 CET
Wednesday 25th November at 16.00 CET

You may choose the timing more convenient to you. The content of the sessions will be similar.

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Languages: Webinar will run in the 4 IDI official languages: English – Arabic – French – Spanish
Both of the sessions will be recorded in all four languages.

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