Think about your water consumption and analyse it. Water is life. Please tick the answer which applies to you.
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1. Do you think you spend a lot of water? *
2. Is water important in your daily life? *
3. How much water do you drink a day? *
4. Do you drink *
5. Do you stop waterfall when you brush your teeth? *
6. Do you stop waterfall when you put on shower gel while having a shower? *
7. Do you wash your vegetable/fruit? *
If yes, I wash my vegetable/fruit in *
8. Do you wash your dishes *
9. I switch on my dishwasher only when it is full *
10. Do you have any idea how much water you spend when you flush the toilet? *
11. Do you or your family use water for gardening? *
If yes, what do you use? *
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