How to get verified on Craft
A green checkmark means the user or a collection has been verified by the Craft Network.

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Account Verification
Green checkmarks are granted to accounts if the designer as a public figure or brand is at the risk of impersonation.

We require the designer or brand to have significant social media presence, this can range from Twitter followers, Facebook followers, Youtube subscribers, and other channels. The decision to verify the account is at the sole discretion of the Craft team. As a minimum threshold, you should have no less than 500 followers and at least a collection with a trading volume of 2,000 ICX. Please provide as much evidence as possible as to why your account should be approved.
Collection Verification
Green checkmarks are granted to collections, on top of that, the collection needs to meet a minimum threshold of trading volume to become verified. As a general rule of thumb, the collection owner should only apply to become verified when it has reached a trading volume of 10,000 ICX.

The collection owner should be prepared to provide evidence to prove authenticity of the creation, examples include providing source file of the creation or documentation indicating ownership of the properties.
Content guidelines and exceptions
We make exceptions and verify users/collections with strong credentials or who make exceptional efforts for their NFTs (SCORE or external tool development, WebApp or game development, strong community engagement,  etc.).

 Verified status will not be given to users selling "low-effort" content (copy/paste of other artists' collections with minimal modifications such as filters or minimal elements such as logos, licence-free material or took from the web etc).

Verified status will not be given to users creating too many different collectibles/collections under the same profile

Craft Network reserves the right to revoke verification from accounts or collections if there is evidence of any terms of service violations
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