I Choose You!
Congratulations! You have been hand picked by myself to produce some feedback for my creative branding, collaboration, and self-branding design work!

Be honest. Be critical. I'm a man-child, but I can take it.
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Do you prefer the old branding (Brady Larson Art) or the new branding (Larson Designs) and why? *
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Are there any changes you think would be necessary to enhance the box design to be more enticing? *
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Looking at your options, how many mystery pins would you be inclined to collect? *
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Do you feel that the Mystery Pin Boxes branding is easy to read? If not, how could it be improved? *
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What would you change about the card design to make it scream Graphic Designer more? *
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What are your initial thoughts about the box you would receive a small bundle of business cards in? How could it be improved? *
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How could the All Aboard! Poster be improved to make it scream Bar / Arcade more, without overdoing it? *
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Finally, tick the plants which you think are accurate representations of their real-world visuals. *
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