Spring 2020 Friday School Class Enrollment
This form is for those who are already registered to choose their classes. If you have not yet registered please click either the Foundational Studies or College link below to get registered.

Foundational Studies (9-17 years old): https://goo.gl/forms/Ud2EVMeANl8Wk5vd2

College (18+): https://goo.gl/forms/4YuU2Tbpwqt4FrU42

Please be aware that we will review the classes you choose and reply with either a confirmation or request that you make another choice based upon the student's current level. Class schedule confirmations will be sent out soon.

If you choose to be on the waitlist for a class, please list an alternate class for that period in case you cannot get in!
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Choose the class you want to take 1st period. If not attending 1st period choose "None"
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Please list 1 or 2 alternate classes you would be interested in if your first choice classes do not work. This is necessary if you are on a waitlist!
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