BurlyCon 2020 Volunteer Recruitment
“BurlyCon is a community-oriented professional growth and educational organization for burlesque performers, fans, and aficionados. We conduct educational events to preserve, promote, and advance burlesque as a theatrical art form. We offer classes, workshops, panels, and other educational offerings that further professional skill and development. We are committed to supporting personal transformation through creative artistic expression in the burlesque arts.”

This is the mission statement that unites a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers; individuals who bring their myriad experiences, talents, skill sets, and TIME to the task of building a much loved annual experience, and the organization that supports it: BurlyCon.

In 2020, BurlyCon XIII will be paying homage to the roaring 20s of the past, present, and future, and setting the stage for a new decade of art and education. We are looking for individuals with passion for burlesque, burlesque education and community, and the skills to make this year's convention the best yet.

If you are interested in participating in the creative and administrative work of BurlyCon, and have time to commit year round to making this event happen, then please fill out the brief form below.

If you are interested in participating in the 2020 BurlyCorp (Day of Event) of Volunteers, then stay tuned, we will be posting work trade opportunities in the late spring/early summer of 2020.

In either case, thank you so much for your interest in BurlyCon!

Lola Love
Executive Director of BurlyCon

Fosse Jack
Chief Happiness Officer
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As an event BurlyCon has many of the same needs as theatrical shows. What areas of production are you most interested in becoming involved with? (Mark any that apply!)
Most of those who work to make BurlyCon happen each year use skills learned from other industries and careers to help make the magic happen. Tell us a little about your work off the stage!
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Real talk... putting on this convention each year is a lot of work, how much time are you interested committing to make that magic happen?
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As a volunteer organization our primary form of compensation is work-trade access to BurlyCon (November 5-8, 2020). Are you planning on attending the convention this year?
Thank you so much!
We hope to have the 2020 BurlyCon Steering Committee fully in place by the end of January 2020, and fully onboarded by the beginning of March. We will begin reaching out to potential recruits before the end of the year! Until then...

Thank you very much for expressing your interested in BurlyCon, our annual education and social networking convention and the organization that makes it happen!
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