FamilyEOS Donation Form
Thanks for your interest in FamilyEOS, our Basic Income experiment in Venezuela from the EOS community.
We are enthusiasts of Dan Larimer's proposal of distributing the 4% anual inflation rate equally to all unique individuals holding EOS accounts, effectively creating a basic income for all or humanity. FamilyEOS is an experiment to show the community the impact that a basic income can have on poor families lives. Hopefully our findings will help show the EOS community that a basic income powered by EOS is an awesome idea.

To contribute, do the following:

1) Donate any amount of EOS to the account "1basicincome".

2) Write on the memo where you are from or a message of support.

3) We will use the funds to finance basic income for families in Venezuela. Every $100 raise can finance a new family for 90 days, including the cost of creating the account.

4) Support EOSVenezuela Block Producers and help us spread our message. Thank you!

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