Anthropologists for Bernie Sanders
As anthropologists committed to a more equitable, sustainable, and just world, we write to express our support for Senator Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination. While we believe true social transformation happens primarily through the pressure of social movements, our research also teaches us the importance of leadership that will heed the call of grassroots demands for economic and social justice. We urge people to support Bernie Sanders’ candidacy now, and work to ensure he will be our next president.

Our discipline exposes us to multiple and varied ways of organizing society, the economy, and social relations. We know from our field experience that no form of inequality or injustice is inevitable, natural, or permanent. Human beings create and re-create their social realities by acting collectively.

Since the 1960s, many anthropologists have voiced a strong commitment to anti-imperialism, self-determination of indigenous communities, and the dismantling of structures of racism, oppression, and neoliberalism at home and abroad. Much of our research and teaching focuses on understanding and reversing environmental, health, and social inequalities. We believe that Bernie Sanders’ policy proposals – such as Medicare for All, College for All, Homes Guarantee and a Green New Deal – will best address deep-seated structural inequalities in the United States and abroad. We respect his commitment to cancel student debt, his embrace of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, his support of a commission to study reparations for slavery as well as his opposition to US militarism and interventionism abroad.

Perhaps most importantly, Sanders speaks directly to building a grassroots movement in the United States that centers the most disenfranchised communities. Sanders’ campaign has built ties with existing social movements, celebrated the value of solidarity and inclusion, and encouraged its supporters to become active organizers both before and after Election Day. Bernie has a long public track record of fighting alongside workers, immigrants, and communities of color. He has been staunchly pro-union throughout his career, led the fight for a higher minimum wage, was an activist in the Civil Rights movement, and has consistently challenged US military aggression abroad.

Now is the time to stand with Bernie Sanders and to continue to do the hard work of changing our society.

Signatories (as of March 13, 2020):
Elan Abrell, Wesleyan University / New York University
Ujju Aggarwal, The New School
Alessandro Angelini, Johns Hopkins University
Alize Arican, University of Illinois at Chicago
Geoffrey Aung, Columbia University
George Baca, Dong A University
Hoda Bandeh-Ahmadi, University of Michigan
Desiree Barron-Callaci, N/A
Benjamin Bean, University of California, Davis
Carwil Bjork-James, Vanderbilt University
James Blair, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Steven Brewer, None
Kelly Britt, Brooklyn College
Akissi Britton, Rutgers University
Katerina Canigova, Masaryk University in Czech Republic
Thomas Carr, Colorado Cultural Research Associates
Christopher Carrico, Towson Univeristy
Syantani Chatterjee, Columbia University
Caroline Conzelman, University of Colorado Boulder
Amy Cooper, Saint Louis University
Nicholas Copeland, Virginia Tech
Hazal Corak, U of Chicago
Zachary Crabtree, Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
Emily Curtin, CUNY Graduate Center
Amy Dao, Cal Poly Pomona
Teresa Delfín, Cal Poly Pomona
Anthony Dest, Morehouse College & Emory University
Mariam Durrani, Hamilton College
Chelsey Dyer, Vanderbilt University
Sarah Eleazar, University of Texas at Austin
Can Evren, Duke University
Nicole Fabricant, Towson U
Joseph Feldman, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Pilar File-Muriel, UNM
Susannah Fishman, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Liz Fitting, Dalhousie university
Nathan Frisch, Vanderbilt
Rebecca Galemba, University of Denver
Ismael García, CUNY
Carlos Garcia-Quijano, University of Rhode Island
Taylor R. Genovese, Arizona State University
Tashi Ghale, Washington University in St Louis
Alana Glaser, St. john's University
Jennifer Goett, Michigan State University
Vladimir Gurewich, CUNY
Bret Gustafson, Washington University in St Louis
Robert Hildebrandt, George Washington University
Emily Hong, Haverford College
Shima Houshyar, CUNY Graduate Center
Sharryn Kasmir, Hofstra
Lorraine Kirk, UCalif Berkeley, Univ Missouri
Yanna Lambrinidou, Campaign for Lead Free Water
Rosemary Lieske, Vanderbilt University
Schuyler Marquez, New York University
Carlos Martinez, UC San Francisco & UC Berkeley
Jose Martinez-Reyes, University of Massachusetts Boston
Simon May, Saint Louis University
Carlota McAllister, York University
Katie McCormack, Vanderbilt University
Marcos Mendoza, University of Mississippi
Barbara Miller, George Washington University
Sean T Mitchell, Rutgers University, Newark
Sarah Molinari, CUNY Graduate Center
Fernando Montero, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University
Gabriela Morales, Scripps College
Amy Non, UCSD
Zeynep Oguz, Northwestern University
Michael Oman-Reagan, Memorial University
John Ostermiller, University of Nevada, Reno
Duygu Parmaksizoglu Sanders, CUNY Graduate Center
Adam Pearcy, CSU
Kathryn Peters, Vanderbilt University
Michael Polson, University of California - Berkeley
Kareem Rabie, American University
Natasha Raheja, Cornell University
Jeremy Rayner, no current affiliation
Sarah Richardson, The George Washington University
Mubbashir Rizvi, Georgetown University
Sahar Sadjadi, Princeton University
Naomi Schiller, Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
Faruk Seref, CUNY Graduate Center
Arjun Shankar, Colgate University
Emma Shaw Crane, NYU
Julie Skurski, Graduate Center, CUNY
Rachael Stryker, California State University, East Bay
William Suellau, American River College, Sacramento, CA
Winifred Tate, Colby College
Noah Theriault, Carnegie Mellon University
Christien Tompkins, Rutgers University
Raghu Trichur, Sacramento State University
Zachary Tuomey, Brandeis University
Cuauhtemoc Vidal, The George Washington University
Lauren Wall, Oregon State University
Miranda Weinberg, Swarthmore College
Gary Wilder, CUNY Graduate Center
Eliza Williamson, Washington University in St. Louis
Drew Winter, Rice University
Asli Zengin, Brown University
Yuki, SLU
Argenis, Oregon State University
Nathan, Temple University
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