Papers We Love Interest Survey
We're working to (re)start a Papers We Love chapter in the Northern VA area. The goal of this survey is to find out more about others who are interested in this idea.

Papers We Love (PWL) is a community built around reading, discussing and learning more about academic computer science papers. For more information about PWL, visit the PWL website ( or visit our Meetup page (

How likely are you to attend a regular meeting focused on the presentation/discussion of research papers? *
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
Are you interested in presenting? *
Selecting "Yes" will allow you fill in your information in the next section.
What do you hope to get out of these meetings?
Ex. "To join a community of professionals who love research"; "to learn about research that I can apply to my work"; or "to learn about academic research in a more accessible way"
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What field(s) are you most interested in?
Some example research areas: (ex. data mining, NLP, robotics, programming languges, security, bioinformatics)
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What area do you live/work in?
Ex. Fairfax, Reston, Arlington, DC
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What conflicts should we know about?
Please include major schedule conflicts (ex. other meetups in the area), time constraints, and/or geographic constraints. (ex. "not before 5:30pm on weekdays"; "weekends preferred"; "within 20min of Reston"; "don't conflict with Arlington Ruby")
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Any other comments/questions/suggestions?
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