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please double check email address, you will get an email with proposal and PDF invoice
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We will give 1h free of charge before Event start to decorate and prepare and 30 min after Event end .
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9 am to 11 pm
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1 pm to 3:30 am (minimum 4 hours)
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you can edit this answer up to 7 days before event (for events with entertainment we recommend less than a 100)
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We can provide table setting
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you can edit this answer up to 2 days before the event, "*PREMIUM" will give you chinaware, glasses, utensils plus an extra 2 hours for preparation
Tableware *
you can edit this answer up to 2 days before event (if you marked Premium set up it will include all these options)
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you can edit this answer up to 3 days before the event
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You can skip this option, there is soft drinks option in food section.
Open Bar $22.96 per Adult
enter how many drinking adults (unlimited wine, beer, light mixed drinks) ... the cash bar is always available (you can edit this option even during the event)
Big Screen poster and slideshow
send us a Celebrants photo, we will make a beautiful poster for our big screen also you can send as many pictures and videos as you want to play on the big tv.
(include date and contract number of your event in the subject)
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