LOCL: Player Registration Form
This is the individual registration form for the London Online Chess League (LOCL).

A player, or their legal guardian if the player is Under 18, must have filled in this form prior to playing in the LOCL.

Captains are not allowed to complete this form on behalf of their players.

The Rules, Regulations & Fair Play policy referred to on this form can be found in full at:


The Joining and Using Tornelo documentation referred to on this form can be found in full at:


Please read both of the above prior to completing this form - thank you!

Team captains will then register players to their teams using the Team Registration form here:


The registration deadline is Friday 28/Feb/2021, with the first matches starting Wednesday 03/Mar/2021 at 19.00 GMT
Forename(s) *
Surname *
Proof of Rating - please select the first option that applies *
Rating link/URL for the option selected above (please copy/paste the web address / URL, for example https://www.ecfrating.org.uk/v2/new/player.php?ECF_code=262390A or https://ratings.fide.com/profile/6001424). If you answered "5. I do not have any of the above ratings" please type "N/A" below. *
If you answered "5. I do not have any of the above ratings", please provide a rating estimate below if possible
Player YEAR of birth *
Player MONTH of birth *
Player DAY of birth *
This form must be completed by the player, or by the player's guardian if the player is under the age of 18 at the start of the season (03/March/2021). Please indicate below if you are the player or the legal guardian of a player under 18. *
The LOCL will take precautions to try and alert players and captains if it discovers that a player has not yet filled in this form, but it is the player's responsibility to ensure that they have done so prior to competing. If a player is found to have played in the LOCL without completing this form, the LOCL reserves the right to apply sanctions, including marking the games played as losses for the player in question, and/or withhold submitting the games in question for rating purposes.
Player's (or legal guardian's) email address - confirmation of this form and league correspondence will be sent to this email address, so it is important that you are contactable on this address throughout the League Season. *
Declaration: I, the Player (or the Player's legal guardian), in return for the LOCL allowing me (the Player) to play, confirm that I have read, understand and will comply with the LOCL Rules, Regulations and Fair Play Policy (https://bit.ly/locls2-rules) and have read and understood the Joining and Using Tornelo documentation (https://bit.ly/locls2-tornelo). *
Digital Signature (please sign with the full name of person completing the form) *
Your Data and How We Use It
Data collected in this form will be used only for the purposes of running the London Online Chess League (LOCL) and associated administration for the London Chess League. Player details are used to verify the identities of players with the relevant ECF/FIDE databases and to confirm whether players are classed as Adult or Junior (U18) players. Player / Player's Guardian email addresses are used to send LOCL / LCL related communications to players, and will only be used by those involved with running the LOCL / LCL. Please email any queries to secretary@londonchess.org.uk
Thank you for your registration! We look forward to welcoming you to the LOCL. Communications to players and team captains will be made via email. Please note - confirmation of our processing this form may take a few days, but you will receive an email notification when this is complete. Thanks again, and good luck in your games!
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