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Thank you for your interest in auditioning with The Improv Imps! The Imps have been together for over three years and enjoy performing regularly. Although we originated as a short-form troupe, we love long-form, sketch and experimentation! We are always looking to grow creatively, so this year we started sketch writing and are working on putting together a full show incorporating various elements of improv and sketch and our own imaginations.

Tim TrueHeart is the creative director of The Imps and runs most practices unless we schedule a coach or workshop. Jennifer Crawford is the manager and show producer.

If we haven't scared you away yet--great! What are we looking for in a troupe mate? Chemistry of course is always important. We are also looking for someone who will lend balance to the existing Imps--Fill in areas where we may need strengthening. We are also looking for someone who loves playing characters. And finally, we want a commitment to the troupe, to continuing improv education and our practice schedule. Here are the deets.

**We Practice on Saturdays 11am-2pm in the Merrifield area of Fairfax, VA We expect a min. of 80% attendance
**No improv snobbery--we do it all and are open to trying lots of things at least once.
**Be hungry to perform (we perform several times a month and actively pursue opportunities.)
**We produce most of our own shows and do very few ensemble shows

What Will the Audition Be Like?
We will run the audition like a typical Imps practice, so expect warm ups, some exercises, scene work, maybe a Harold or other long form format and possibly some short form games. The goal is always to have fun and just play. If we sense some chemistry, we will invite you to our next practice and see if you feel it too:) If not, we've met some new improv friends!

We can't wait to play with you! :):)

Audition is Saturday April 5th from 12-3pm at The Pinch in Columbia Heights
Plan on arriving by 12:15pm

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