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Due ASAP to reserve your talent. Must submit your selections by April 1st. Please submit a new form if changing talent.
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In the following section, please provide the name, address and phone number of the arranger and/or producer for your talent accompaniment track. The original master recording is permitted for use without any alteration. Because alterations are not permitted to the master recording, karaoke versions are acceptable. However, a karaoke version cannot include mash-ups or any portion of an original master. To clarify, mash-ups, modified tracks with additional instruments or vocals from, or added to the original master are not permitted. *
Please upload your Accompaniment Track
Lyrics (for all talent types)– please note lyrics may not be changed from the original song and lyrics cannot be removed from the original master recording. Upload a Word Document of the lyrics you will sing with your song or lyrics that will be sung during your performance (dance included). If no lyrics, please submit a document that says “no lyrics”. *
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