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Produce we have for the week. 2 Dec - 7 Dec 19 2019 What would you like to buy?
1 Pack
2 Packs
3 Packs
The Truly Free Range Eggs SMALL (RM8/Carton 10 pcs)
The Truly Free Range Eggs MEDIUM (RM10/Carton 10pcs)
The Truly Free Range Eggs JUMBO (RM15/Carton 10pcs)
(Promo) Choy Sum (RM3/Pack 250g)
(Promo) Tin Chat Leaves (RM3/pack 250g)
(Promo) Brazilian Spinach (RM2.50/Pack 250g)
Long Beans (RM4.50/pack 250g)
Sweet Corn (RM7/2pcs)
Okra (RM4.50/250g)
(Limited) Red Spinach (RM6/pack 250g)
(Limited) Winged Beans (RM6/pack 250g)
(Limited) Kale (RM7/pack 250g)
(Limited) Milky Pak Choy (RM6/pack 250g)
(Limited) Purple Sweet Potato Leaves (RM4.5/pack 250g)
(Limited) Cauliflower (RM7/Pack 250g)
Calamansi (RM3.5/200g)
(Limited) Passion Fruits (RM10/5pcs)
(Limited) Papaya (RM8/kg)
Rocket Salad (RM3/Pack 50g)
Lemon Grass (Serai Makan) (RM2/3pcs)
Dill (RM2/50g)
Pandan Leaves (RM2.5/3 Bunches)
Prunella (RM4/Pack 200g)
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