PRDAO - Algorand ICO or Fundraising Application
Welcome to PRDAO's application form for ICO- we appreciate your interest in using our organization for your project! Our Governors will review your app once submitted and will vote on whether or not they feel it aligns with PRDAO's mission and capabilities.
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Please provide a brief overview of your project and its objectives.
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Where is your project located?
Who is your target audience or user base?
What is the size of your team and what roles do they play in the project?
Have you completed any previous funding rounds? If so, please provide details.
What is the total funding amount you are seeking through this ICO?
How are the unvested and team tokens stored if your project has a token? (such as multi-sig wallets or smart contracts)
If tokens are used, what percentage of the total tokens will be allocated to the team, advisors, and early investors?

How will the funds raised through the ICO be used to develop and promote the project?

What is the timeline for the project’s development milestones?

Are you open to working with PRDAO to implement a governance model for the project after the ICO is completed?

Do you have any questions or comments for our team about the ICO process or PRDAO's involvement in the project?
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