Grammar test - 3rd term- B
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1. If I had enough money, I..... that car.
2. If it had rained, you .........wet.
3. She would go on holidays if she .... enough money.
4. The boy....... you if you hadn´t been rude.
5. It ......easy to make a cake if you knew how to.
6. If I arrive on time, I
7. My sister.... happy if you called her.
8. If it......, I wouldn't go to the cinema.
9. You will not catch the bus unless you ....earlier
10. If he.... hungry, he would have eaten some biscuits.
11. "El Quijote" ........ by Lope de Vega.
12. Johnson ....... to twenty years in prison for murder.
13. Two very famous paintings.....from the museum.
14. The dead body..... on a rock near the lake.
15. The English exam .... until the end of the month.
16. VW cars .... in Spain next year.
17. Any bicycles parked in front of the school will .....
18. Three thieves .........following a robbery in Valencia right now.
19. "I love cats." - Diana said (that) she .... cats.
20. "We will eat spaghetti for dinner." - Anne said (that) they .... eat spaghetti for dinner.
21. "Where do you live?", Miquel asked.
22. She said it .... raining when she got there.
23. “I'm not enjoying the job very much.”
24. “The students will collect money”, they said.
25. “You didn´t write last year", Peter told Sara.
26. “The accident was 10 years ago”, he told me.
27. “Sue and Paul are getting married next month”, she announced.
28. Her teacher said: " You must do your homework today"
29. Paul said: "I couldn't start the car because I had lost my keys"
30. Susan said: "I shouldn't be here"
31. It was ....a beautiful evening ...we went to Barcelona
32. They were.......that I wanted to congratulate them.
33. Mary was .......that she started laughing.
34. Sandra's favourite car was ...for her to buy.
35. I didn't have .... to make a pizza.
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