Letter of Intent 2017
Birmingham Keyboard Arts Center
Due: May 12, 2017
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Please indicate your intent regarding enrollment in piano. Summer Quarter: June 19 - August 1
The Summer Quarter will consist of six weeks of lessons plus the bonus week for make-up lessons. If absolutely necessary, during the Summer Quarter only, students may have the option of arranging their six lessons individually with me rather than having a regular weekly lesson time. This flexibility will allow students to get in all of their lessons around their travel and summer camp schedule. Lessons will still need to be scheduled with me during my normal working hours and within the dates specified for the Summer Quarter. Please understand that, without payment, it isn’t possible for me to reserve spaces in the studio. The studio maintains a waiting list of interested students. Some students remain on the list for a long time before they are able to begin study. Lesson times will be offered to these students immediately when they become available. Some families actually prefer to begin in the summer. Students who have terminated their lessons are always welcome to return, but please know in advance that availability could not be guaranteed after an absence. Written notification is required one month in advance of ending lessons. Students who fail to give the one month notice will be billed for the month or will forfeit their deposit. No refund will be given for tuition paid in advance.
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