13th International Congress of Medical Hypnosis
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In agreement with the Code of Ethics of ESH (http://esh-hypnosis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/esh-ethical-guidelines.pdf), I declare to abide by thefollowing:

Professionals should at all times remain aware of their signed undertaking to usehypnosis only for those purposes for which they are professionally qualified andwithin the strict limitations of their professional work. This implies that thosemembers who use hypnosis for some clinical or therapeutic purpose should haveundertaken, or be undertaking, a professional qualification in that therapyrecognised by the relevant health authorities of the country.In registering for this congress I agree to abide by this statement, and will usehypnosis only for those purposes for which I am professionally qualified by therelevant health authorities of the country and within the strict limitations of myprofessional work.

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