LEAD (Local Entrepreneur & Artist Direct) Support Fund Application
This fund is organized by the Kheprw Institute (kheprw.org) with support from our community.
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Grants are awarded by a weekly lottery as funds become available in $500 increments. The information requested below is for Kheprw Institute to better understand the needs of Indy's artists and entrepreneurs. If you receive a $500 grant then your name, business/artist name and links to your website/social media will be posted to our website, social media and newsletter to help promote you and the fund. Winners will not be eligible to receive another grant for 6 months.
The LEAD Support Grant assist low-income artists/entrepreneurs in Indianapolis that fall between the following income brackets. Household Income for 1 person: $25,000; Household Income for 4 people: $60,000.
One entry per person. We will remove any duplicate submissions. Your name will remain in the lottery until you win. Winners will be removed from the lottery.
This fund is ONLY FOR RESIDENTS OF INDIANAPOLIS/MARION COUNTY. Applicants living outside of Indianapolis will not be selected.
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