Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire - Hull Library of Stuff cic
Promoting the Community's health and well-being, in partnership with the City Health Care Partnership (CHCP). Please complete when have borrowed something from the Heath and Wellbeing section of the Library of Stuff CIC.
Please provide the name of the borrower (your contact details will not be shared with anyone, anonymous data will be shared with the City Health Care Partnership to determine the success of the funding supplied) *
Which item did you borrow? *
Why did you borrow rather than buying? (please all relevant) *
Why did you borrow this item? *
Thinking about health and wellbeing, what benefit did you get out of using the item? *
Would you recommend this item to others to improve health and wellbeing? *
Would you have borrowed the item if there was a small fee to pay? *
What other items to do with health and wellbeing would you like to see in the library?
Do you have any other comments on this item or the library in general?
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