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I understand that I must carry proof of registration/age with me to all games in the event that the referee or tournament official asks to see them and if I can't provide them, the game will be considered a forfeit. Proof of age will either be Laminated Player Cards with pictures or virtual cards with pictures. *
I understand that it is the intent of the tournament to try and play all games. If there is inclement weather, we will make those determinations once inclement weather begins, not on the weather forecast. All updates will be made through the contacts on gotsoccer, both via email and text(if set up.) *
I have my medical releases on all of my players in case of injury or emergency. *
I am aware that game cards will be brought to the field by the referees and that once signed by both coaches, will be returned by the referee to a tournament official. *
I am aware that scores and standings will be kept/posted online at the tournament website and have informed my team parents. *
I understand that all players must be listed on my roster in Gotsoccer for the tournament and this will be used as my official roster. (Print a game card and make sure they are all there). Please list player numbers on your roster in gotsoccer so they will also print on the game card. *
I am looking forward to a fantastic weekend of soccer :-) *
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