Parent Literacy Survey
This survey will be used to help the New Haven Literacy Committee make decisions about literacy and reading at our school and for your children. We would love to know more about your children's reading habits at home so that we can help them to become the best reader they can be. There are no right or wrong answers. Thank you so much for your time!
What grade(s) are your children in? *
Do you read to your child at home? *
If yes, how often do you read with your child at home?
Do you enjoy reading with your child? *
Does your child like a particular genre, series, or author? *
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Do YOU like to read? *
Does you child ever see you, or anyone else, reading at home? This can include the newspaper, magazines, books, etc. *
What areas of reading do you think are a strength for your child? (phonics, spelling, comprehension, etc.)
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What areas of reading does your child struggle with?
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Is it easy to talk with your child about what they're reading, either independently or at school?
Do you and/or your child have a library card? *
How often do you/your child go to the library in a week? *
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What do you think a reading program should look like for your child? *
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What can we do to help parents better understand literacy and reading instruction at New Haven School? *
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