Questionnaire for Consumers of Financial Services
The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat is developing a common financial consumer protection (FCP) regime to regulate the conduct of financial service providers (FSPs) and to protect clients of financial institutions in CARICOM Member States. This project is part of the Strengthening Framework for CARICOM Integration and Cooperation Processes and is funded by the 11th European Development Fund. Menns SPRL (Belgium) has been contracted by CARICOM Secretariat to develop the proposed FCP regime.

This questionnaire is designed to help understanding of consumer concerns about financial services. Answers will be used for research purposes but will otherwise be confidential.

Please feel free to give reasons for any answer.

The survey is open until 31 January 2022.

If you have any queries or comments about the questionnaire, please contact: tsavickas[at]
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1. Which age group are you in? *
2. What is your sex? *
3. Which country are you resident in? *
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4. Which of the following financial services do you have or use from time to time? *
Savings Account
Debit Card
Cheque (Current) Account
Home Loan/Mortgage
Personal Loan
Pay-day Loan
Credit Card
Hire-Purchase/Credit Sale Facility
Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending Facility
Crowd Funding Facility
E-wallet/Mobile Money Wallet
Virtual Currency Account (e.g. bitcoin)
Central Bank Digital Currency Account
Motor Vehicle Insurance
Home Insurance
Life Insurance
Credit-Life Insurance
Private Pension/ Retirement Savings Account
Cheque Cashing
Remittances (made or received)
Currency Exchange
Investment Account (shares/bonds)
Mutual Funds Account
5. Did you acquire your financial service for personal or business purposes? *
6. Can you access the financial services you need? *
7. If not, what are some of the problems (optional)
8. Do financial services you use meet your personal needs? *
9. If not, why not? (optional)
10. Have you ever received information on basic financial concepts and financial services? *
11. If so, from where? (optional)
12. Are advertisements for financial services clear? Not misleading? *
13. Is it easy to compare loan/credit products if you want to shop around? *
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14. If not, why? (optional)
15. Do you understand the features and risks of your financial services and how they work? *
16. Were you told about the interest rates, fees, and charges and other terms for your financial service(s) before you opened the account or used the service? *
17. If you have ever had an application for credit refused, were you given reasons? *
18. If so, please describe them in broad terms. (optional)
19. Did you understand information (e.g., service terms) provided by a financial institution? *
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20. If not, does the financial institution explain them to you? (optional)
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21. Do you think you are treated fairly by your financial institution? *
22. Is it easy/cheap to switch banks or other financial institutions? *
23. If not, why? (optional)
24. Can you access your credit report? *
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25. If so, do you know how to do this? (optional)
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26. Do you know where to go to question the accuracy of a credit report? (optional)
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27. Do you understand how to complain about a financial service? *
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28. Have you ever made a complaint about a financial service? *
29. If so, what was the complaint about? (optional)
30. Were you satisfied with the response to any complaint? (optional)
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31. Where do you go if you are not happy about how a financial institution responds to your complaint? (optional)
32. Do you use online banking services? *
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33. If so, what type? Also, please describe any problems you encounter in using these services. (optional)
34. Is your deposit with a bank covered by deposit insurance? *
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35. Do you know of any regulator that supervises financial service providers? *
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36. If so, which regulator? (optional)
37. Do you have any other concerns about the quality of the service you receive from financial institutions? (optional)
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