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Understanding your views on A Germ’s Journey educational resources and how they are being used is crucial for the team to be able to keep on developing more interactive learning resources.You can add to our current research findings by filling out this short questionnaire. We really value your honest feedback! If you are happy to be contacted, please provide your details at the bottom of this questionnaire. Your personal details may be used to contact you regarding your experience of A Germ’s Journey Educational Resources and/or send updates about the project. Your details will not be passed on to any other parties.
1) Which resource(s) did you use? Tick all that apply
1a) If you selected 'other' please specify:
2) How helpful were the resources in aiding handwashing/hand-hygiene education? *
3) On a scale of 1-5, have the resources changed the way you teach children about hand washing/hand-hygiene? *
3a) Any additional comments?
4) Where did you use the resources? (i.e - education setting, community centre, health centre, home) *
5) Approximately how many people/children have used/had access to the resources at your setting? *
6) On a scale of 1-5 how much of an impact have the resources had on users/children? (In terms of improving knowledge/awareness of germs and handwashing) *
6a) Please elaborate/provide an explanation for your answer above.
7) Do the users/children seem to have an increased understanding in handwashing/hand-hygiene since using the resources? Please explain. *
8) As adults, we know about the importance of handwashing, but do you feel that using the resources with children has impacted the way you wash your hands? *
8a) Please elaborate/provide an explanation for your answer above. *
9) Additional observations/comments?
10) Contact Details:
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